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Quality & Reliability

Quality and reliability

Through total quality management, IPD process management and other methods, Xinhai Technology provides customers with high-quality chip solutions< br/> From the early stage, we constantly listened to the voice of customers throughout the design and development process, and from the product concept to the product release
In the process, we adopt a rigorous method to build the product, so that the product has high quality and high reliability. We keep improving and never slack off,
To provide our customers with the highest quality products and services in the chip industry

Quality policy

Quality management system process

Life cycle management

Product Change Notice (PCN)

PCN policy statement: The product/process change notice (PCN) policy of Core Sea Technology meets the requirements of J-STD-046 document. If there is a major change that may affect the function, performance, material, packaging, assembly, quality or reliability of the device,
We will inform the customer. If the change is small and does not affect the general use of the product, Core Sea Technology has the right to change the product without further notice. If the change affects the published technical specifications, the relevant technical specifications will be Update the data book when it is issued. PCN will be published 90 days before issuing the change materials. If samples or additional information involving changes are required, an application must be submitted within 30 days from the date of notification.

The PCN shall contain at least the following information:

a) PCN traceability number
b) Product identification (for example, the number of the affected supplier element; the affected product line, including the specific packaging form and product family)
c) Customer component code (if not required to meet customer standards)
d) Detailed description of the change
e) Method of product change
F) Reason for change
g) Positive or negative impacts that may be caused by changes in appearance, assembly, function, quality and reliability
h) Suggested first shipment date after change
i) Supplier qualification approval plan and results, if available
j) Sample receiving date, if necessary
k) Date when the final qualification data can be used (if necessary)
l) Last production date of unchanged product
m) Supplier contact information, including but not limited to: company name, address, telephone and email address
n) Statement that product materials will be updated due to material changes
Note: If necessary, the customer still has the responsibility to request to update the material declaration

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Please enter the company name!