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CHIPSEA offers low-power BLE SOCs, human-machine interface-based pressure sensing solutions, and body composition analysis-based health measurement solutions applicable for wearable products. Specifically, CST92F30 is a highly integrated low-power Bluetooth SOC chip, based on the low-power Bluetooth 5.0 protocol stack. The chip has a built-in 32-bit Cortex-M0 CPU, 512 KB Flash, and 138 KB SRAM and features internationally leading low power consumption, communication distance, and anti-interference performance, as well as low costs. It supports a variety of sensors, such as photoelectric, ECG, temperature, and barometric pressure sensors, three-axis gyroscopes, and three-axis accelerometers, to detect movement and health data in real-time. Specifically, capacitive voltage sensors can be connected to achieve human-machine interface, positioning, and diversified outputs and enrich product functions. As a result, this chip is highly suitable for smart watches/bands.

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