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Gas sensors convert gas concentration, flow rate, and other indicators into electrical signals. They are widely used in smart home, automotive electronics, industrial control, environmental testing, and medical health applications, and require high ADC performance and MCU reliability. The ADCs within CHIPSEA’s (stock code: 688595) MCUs have small INL. Furthermore, the temperature drift of the internal clock is within 1%. As a result, CHIPSEA's products are highly suitable for use in gas sensors. CHIPSEA’s high-performance MCU series—CS32F031 and CS32F030, cost-effective MCU series—CS32F036 and CS32F035, and low-power series—CS32L010, are highly popular and are the star products for the above application. With the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and intelligentization, CHIPSEA aims to vigorously launch new products that can support gas sensors.

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