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Industrial scales are used to determine the mass of an object using Hooke's Law or the level principle. Such scales can be classified into three categories based on their structural principles: mechanical, electronic, and electromechanical scales. An industrial scale mainly comprises of a measurement carrier, a sensing device, and a display device. At the same time, these scales can be classified into hanging scales, loader scales, crane scales, platform scales, balances, steelyards, counter scales, table balances, floor scales, aboveground scales, railroad track scales, belt scales, postal scales, ingredient scales, and bagging scales, based on their usage purpose. The focus of industrial scale development lies in electronic scales. The complementary use of modern technologies, such as program control, group control, teleprinting and recording, and screens, have made scales more functional and efficient. Industrial scales are a type of instrument that determines the mass of an object by measuring its weight (the amount of gravity applied to it).

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