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Product Overview

CS32F03X-RA series microcontrollers adopt the high-performance 32-bit ARM ® Cortex ®- M0 core and include the CS32F030-RA and CS32F031-RA series. They have 64 KB embedded flash and 8 KB SRAM, and maximum operating frequency of 48 MHz. The CS32F03X-RA series includes 20 to 48 pins and other products. The chip has standard communication interfaces (I2C, SPI, and USART), one 12-bit ADC, five 16-bit universal timers, and one enhanced control PWM timer. The operating temperature range of the CS32F03X-RA series microcontroller is -40 ℃~85 ℃, and the operating voltage range is 2 V~5.5 V. The chip provides several power operation modes to meet different low-power applications. The CS32F03X-RA series microcontrollers are used in a variety of application scenarios, such as smart homes, handheld devices, consumer electronics, industrial control, and GPS platforms.

-32-bit ARM® Cortex® -M0
-Up to 48 MHz operating frequency
-64 KB flash memory
-8 KB SRAM with hardware parity check
Clock Module
-Internal 8 MHz RC oscillator, typical ±1% accuracy
-Internal 14 MHz RC oscillator, typical ±1% accuracy
-Internal 40 kHz RC oscillator, typical ±10% accuracy
-4~32 MHz crystal oscillator (HXT)
-32.768 kHz low speed crystal oscillator (LXT)
Phase-Locked Loop (PLL), up to 48 MHz supported
Operating Environment
-VDD voltage: 2.0~5.5 V
-VDDA voltage: 2.0~5.5 V
-Ambient temperature: -40~85 ℃
Boot method
-Supports booting from flash memory
-Supports booting from system memory
-Supports booting from internal SRAM
Power Management
-Low power modes: sleep, deep sleep 1, deep sleep 2, and power down mode
-Power on/power off reset (POR/PDR) support
-Supports for Low Voltage Detection (LVD)
General purpose inputs and outputs (I/O)
-39 I/Os, supports up to 48 MHz operating frequency
-All I/Os map external interrupt vectors
-Some I/Os support anti-backoff feature, allowing input voltages above VDD
1 x 12-bit ADC with up to 1μS conversion time
-Supports 10 external input channels
-Operating voltage range: 2.4~5.5 V
-Input voltage conversion range: 0~VDDA
-1 16-bit advanced control timer (TIM1) with 6 PWM output channels with deadband control per channel
-5 x 16-bit general-purpose timers
-1 independent watchdog timer (FWDT): 8-bit preset and 12-bit decrement counter
-1 window watchdog timer (WWDT): 7-bit decrement counter
1 system time timer: 24-bit decrement counter.
5-channel DMA controller
-Supported peripherals: SPIx, I2Cx, USARTx, TIMx, ADC
Interruptions and Events
-Up to 32 individually maskable interrupt channels
-4 priority options
-16 external break lines
Communication interface
-2 I2C interfaces, supporting master/slave mode
-2 SPI interfaces, supporting master-slave mode
CRC generator/checker
- SSOP28
- QFN28
- QFN32
- LQFP32
- LQFP48
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Design and development
CSWrite V3.2.4
CSWriterUx V3.2.4 is the latest burning tool software of Core Sea Technology. Support core sea 8bit MCU, 32bit MCU.
Core sea 8-bit MCU/SOC integrated development environment 1. Integrated C compiler, assembler, linker, debugger 2. Support standard C language and assembly language development 3 Example code of integrated chips
Sample Application
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*Market segment
*Final product application
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